Barnaby Joyce Visit

19 November 2014

Visit to Lyne


Federal Deputy Nationals Leader and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce has praised local agricultural leaders throughout the Lyne electorate on their achievements and the ideas put forward by local farmers to improve their respective industries in the future.

The Minister was visiting the electorate at the invitation of local MP Dr David Gillespie.

Dr Gillespie organised a number of events throughout the electorate as part of Minister Joyce’s tour of the region including a visit to Neal’s Dairy at Oxley Island, a luncheon in which the Minister was the keynote speaker in Port Macquarie, and an Agricultural Roundtable.

At the visit to Neal’s Dairy the Minister launched the Dairy Australia publication – Collective Bargaining guide for dairy farmers at Neal’s Dairy at Oxley Island. The new industry guide sets out important information for dairy farmers wanting to collectively bargain in accordance with relevant competition laws and the guide has been approved by the ACCC.

Around 20 local dairy farmers attended the launch at Neal’s Dairy.

“Barnaby understands the important of the dairy industry, particularly on the Manning where around 30% of the state’s milk is produced. He was particularly keen to meet with local dairy farmers and hear firsthand about the issues affecting them in their day to day operations and what concerns they had for their industry.

In Port Macquarie, Mr Joyce attended an Agricultural Roundtable which included 20 representatives from a broad range of agricultural industries across the electorate including beef, dairy, eggs, strawberries, avocadoes, tomatoes, seafood and wine.

“With the recent release of the Agricultural Green Paper, I was very keen to hear from agricultural leaders in David Gillespie’s electorate about their ideas on how we might improve our agricultural sector. I really appreciated the feedback David and I received by the various industry leaders who attended today’s forum,” Mr Joyce said.

Minister Joyce said Dr Gillespie was a passionate advocate for the region’s primary producers.

“I thank David for his ongoing work on behalf of local farmers – he never hesitates in bringing their ideas, or concerns, to me and today was another example if his commitment to them,” Minister Joyce said.

Dr Gillespie said Mr Joyce had been working on a policy agenda aimed at helping to improve the return farmers received at the farm gate.

“In the past, farmers have been challenged by issues associated with competition law, there have been red tape issues, rising compliance costs and of course trying to gain access to potential export markets,” Dr Gillespie said.

“As a government we are working on reducing red tape, getting rid of inefficient taxes like the carbon tax and we are also gaining access into new markets for agricultural industries through a number of recent trade agreements with important trading partners like China, Korea and Japan,” Minister Joyce said.

Mr Joyce encouraged individuals and organisations to comment on the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper by making submissions, before 5pm on 12 December 2014.

19-11-2014 – Joyce visit to Lyne

Submissions can be made at


Media Contacts

For Mr Joyce:                        Brett Chant                            0477 744 614

For Dr Gillespie:                   Robert Nardella                     0433 141 433

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