Statement – Ministerial Arrangements

27 August 2018

This week I was advised that I would not be required in the new Morrison Ministry.

Since the 2016 election, I have served as an Assistant Minister in the Turnbull Ministry in the portfolios of Rural Health, Health and Children and Families.

I have very much enjoyed the work I have been able to do in these portfolios, particularly in the Health portfolio where I was able to put together a number of important initiatives in the Health Workforce space, that will have long lasting benefits to health delivery in regional Australia in the years ahead.

In the Children and Families portfolio, our work in implementing the 3rd action plan for the protection of Australia’s Children, the development of a fourth action plan and securing further progress on permanency and adoption with my State and Territory counterparts have been highlights, as well as the work we have been doing in the Settlement Services space to improve integration among our humanitarian entrants.

In moving on to a new chapter in this Parliament, I am very focussed on continuing to deliver for our community. At present, I’m working on a Vision 2030 Plan for our electorate and I’m looking forward to seeing many more surveys come in over the coming weeks as we take many of your ideas forward.


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