Uncovering the natural beauty around Hannam Vale Recreation Reserve

5 February 2018

Work will get underway soon on a community project aimed at improving the aesthetics and access to the water way around Hannam Vale Recreation Reserve.

Federal Member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie has announced a $5,000 grant will be made available towards the project after Hannam Vale Recreation Reserve Trust submitted an application to the Federal Coalition Government’s Stronger Communities programme.

“The Hannam Vale Recreation Reserve has a water course on one boundary. Over the years this has been seriously neglected and the banks are now overgrown with a variety of weeds including serious invasive weeds,” Dr Gillespie said.

“The current state of the water course makes it inaccessible and also directly contributes to the spread of undesirable weed species through seeds and vegetative matter falling into and being transported by the water, to properties downstream and ultimately into the Stewarts River.”

Dr Gillespie said the water course had the potential to be an aesthetic and educational feature of the Reserve but required extensive regeneration.

“The Reserve Trust proposes to engage a qualified ecologist to develop an Ecological Restoration Plan for the water course banks. This will include identification of principal weed species, identification of native species, and the outline of a strategic site action plan to eradicate weeds and encourage growth of desirable native species,” Dr Gillespie said.

“The plan will be based on regeneration techniques recommended by the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators and will be consistent with the State and National Weed Management Strategies. The ecologist will work with the Trust and community volunteers as part of an education program. The approved plan will then be implemented. The process will include a number of field days where the local community will be invited to attend workshops in the identification and treatment of local weed species.

The water course is also boarded by the local RFS and primary school who have a shared interest in the project. Over past years the Trust has facilitated several joint projects involving the broader local community. As a result school students will have the opportunity to be involved as part of an educational program and ongoing involvement in the maintenance of the water course banks.

Hannam Vale Public School has indicated a strong interest in using the water course in natural science studies if it can be made accessible.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Reserve Trust and the Hannam Vale community on a wonderful local initiative. This project will continue the work of the Trust in transforming the Reserve from an unused and unsightly paddock into what is now an attractive, well maintained facility regularly used by the local community, the school and visitors to the area,” Dr Gillespie added.


Photo: Hannam Vale Recreation Reserve Trust Group (L to R): Graham Bird, Local Federal MP Dr David Gillespie MP, Graeham Kennedy and Alex Mathews

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